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Kit Car Events

We know you want to go to each Kit Car event and auto show but who has the time? In some cases, you’d have to be in two places at once. But you can still experience the event through the meticulous coverage provided by Kit Car Magazine.
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Kit Car Magazine's Run And Gun
3-Day Extravaganza Of Fun--Come And Participate!... more
2008 Kit Car Performance Day - Seven V-8s & A Four-Banger
Last year we enjoyed ourselves and gathered a great deal of useful information putting a dozen... more
2004 Superformance MK III Cobra Replica - A Superformance
To make up for missing out on KIT CAR's first ever Performance Day in 2007, Superformance fielded... more
Unique Motorcars 427 Shelby Cobra Replica - Made More Unique
Have you heard this one? A man comes up to a Cobra at a car show and asks the owner who's standing... more

Kit Car Blogs

A GT40 built with Racing in mind
A GT40 built with Racing in mind. It is bolt-for-bolt virtually identical to the original -... more
2008 SEMA Show
The Blue Oval and FFR team up for this amazing performer. ... more
KIT CAR Performance Day, Ford GT40, Daytona Coupe, Lotus 7, Cobra
The 2nd Annual KIT CAR Performance Day was a huge success, especially when you consider that KIT... more
Western States Cobra Bash 2008, Cobras, Daytona Coupes, Ford GT40s
Those who were able to participate in the Western States Cobra Bash 2008 will enjoy fond memories... more

Kit Car Forums

Mercedes Replica Forum
Since I seemed unable to find an active forum discussing Mercedes replica cars, I just started one... more
Window regulator
Does anyone know where to buy a manual passenger side window regulator for a 1934 Street Beast... more
1939 Jaguar The Duke by Classic Roadsters
[bold]I have aquired my dad's 1939 Jaguar by Classic Roadsters he built back in 1985. It has a ford... more
I have a 39 duke jag hardtop and hardside windows for sale. Top and windows are white. Some of the... more
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